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PA-Gov-impact-awardTo companies requiring precision engineered and manufactured structural components, backed by exceptional customer service, our pressed metal parts are produced to the highest industry standards that enable our customers to confidently rely upon Atlas as a trusted partner in their business operations.

Industry News

the-sophisticated-metallurgy-of-powdered-metalPowder metal parts companies must have both the best equipment available and the expertise to implement it. That way, they can provide high-quality parts...
leave-lubrication-to-the-parts-themselvesOil-impregnated powder metal parts can reduce the need for manual lubrication. It's just one of the ways sintered metal can benefit a manufacturer.
three-ways-to-update-your-manufacturing-process-with-sintered-metalMany manufacturers have yet to discover how sintered metal, also known as powdered metal, can help them create better products. Here are three reasons why...

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