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Reasons To Buy From Atlas Pressed Metals:

  • Pfingstler-FamilyFamily Business - Atlas is a family-owned business. In addition, we have made it a point to include others within the organization who share our philosophy of placing the customer first. All personnel have direct access and input to all facets of the business, both formally and informally. Quarterly we hold a plant meeting with all personnel to review the status of the organization and our directions in the future. We feel we have a personal interest in each part produced for our customers.
  • Customer Support - Our philosophy has always been to function as our customers' own "in-house powdered metal department". Our personnel are available to help you from the design phase through the completed part. We believe that our job is only complete when the customer is happy with the completed assembly.
  • Continuous Improvement - Our process and quality engineers are continuously working on process and individual product improvements. We are always looking for ways to enhance product quality, improve process efficiency, and maintain price stability.
  • Flexibility - We understand that each customer has specific and individual needs. At Atlas, we work with each customer to accommodate unique ordering and delivery requirements.
  • Planning - We understand that the business world is an ever-changing environment. We believe that long-range planning is an integral part of any organization. If we are to best service our customers, we must first have our own roadmap toward the future. Our long-range plan serves as the foundation for each department's specific goals and objectives.  Feel free to contact us for more information about our long-term goals.
  • Quality - We are an ISO/TS 9001:2000 registered company. To learn more about our quality standards, see our Quality page