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“After finding Atlas Pressed Metal on the internet and a site visit by our CEO, we were impressed with the Atlas plant, the team and the product. We used them for a powdered metal part for one of our customers and we have continued to use them for about 5 years. We are pleased with their expertise in making good suggestions and with their customer service.”

John R., CNC Sales Manager
Machined Parts Manufacturer

 “Atlas Pressed Metals is a professional organization with great knowledge, experience, and expertise in the PM industry.  They have a clean, well-run, world-class facility, operated by a very talented and experienced staff. It is a pleasure to work with them.”

Sam B., Product Manager
Construction Equipment Industry

“Atlas presented their PM101 class to our company and it was well-received by our engineering team. They also keep us updated through their e-blasts by featuring technology advancements and process improvement announcements. Atlas has the expertise to produce a quality product and is a solid company to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend Atlas to others in the industry.”

Michael L., VP Global Operations
Motion Technology Company

“We have been working with Atlas Pressed Metals for several years. They are a really good company that provides the expertise needed in the powdered metal industry; their customer service is great and they operate a clean and organized business with a commitment to remaining updated in their equipment. I would not hesitate to recommend Atlas.”

Ron N., Global Sourcing Manager
Metalworking Industry

“We have found Atlas Pressed Metals to be a solid organization that has a genuine commitment to the success of their customers. They have provided us with a great quality product and excellent service.”

Ryan R., Materials Manager
Power Transmission Industry 

"Atlas has done a great job for our company through the year. They have remained competitive in the market, and because of Atlas' expertise, our two companies have developed a good relationship. I have to rank them very high on quality, on-time delivery and staying stable in the marketplace."

Marty J., Sr. Buyer
Automotive Industry

"Atlas Pressed Metals has on-time deliveries and very competitive prices. They are a friendly company to work with and we enjoy our relationship with them."

Joey C., Buyer
Hand Tool Manufacturer

"Congratulations on accomplishing TS Certification.  I know this takes a lot of extra work to implement a more robust quality system.  In fact, we are currently pursuing TS Certification for new business.  Great work!

Joe C., VP of Quality
Appliance Industry

"Please forward my personal congratulations to the management, quality, and engineering teams at Atlas for achieving TS Certification.  This is an ongoing, challenging necessity for the most outstanding companies in the world to attain and maintain.  It is a major feather in your cap.  Again, congratulations to all concerned."

Ken T., Engineer
Metalworking Industry

"Congratulations to Atlas for achieving TS Certification!  We understand the work that goes into this and appreciate all efforts made by Atlas.  Congratulations to all!"

Kathy G., Buyer
Automotive Industry

“Atlas Pressed Metals has been a long time supplier to our company. They are reliable, responsive to quotes, and always have met our deadlines. Their communication is thorough and we have been most happy with our sales representative. We feel strongly that we should treat our customers and suppliers as we would like to be treated, and Atlas seems similar in this regard. It is a pleasure to do business with them.”

Bruce C., President
Appliance Industry

“We moved to Atlas Pressed Metals a few years ago and found them to be much more improved in quality and price than our previous vendor. They have good workmanship and have made several suggestions on design change, which has helped our company. Their design and engineering in the powdered metal business exceeds our expectations.”

Jim C., Manufacturing Engineering Manager
Security Industry

“I have worked with Atlas Pressed Metals for over ten years and have been most impressed by their strength in customer service. On one example, I had an opportunity with a powder metal part that was not even theirs. I talked to Atlas on a Friday afternoon and they had the tooling in storage to run a similar part, which they ran over the weekend so I could have the samples on Monday. They are top notch; they strive to keep good relationships with their customers and have a quality product. They continually improve their product to control costs and provide good delivery to their customers.”

Tom M., Test & Validation Manager
Lawn & Garden Industry

What other Atlas Metals customers are saying:

“Delivery has been good and quotes are done in a timely manner.”

“Atlas has a great team to work with in new concepts and designs.”

“The powdered metal business can be complicated, but Atlas explains it in terms that are easily understood and they provide specific information needed. “

“Our in-house qualification list shows that Atlas has never been issued a notification of any quality issues or missing parts.”

“Atlas’ quoting response is always timely and production delivery problems are minimal. I’m satisfied with communication from Atlas.”

“Deadlines are always met and Atlas does a good job at keeping the information flowing to us.”

“We enjoy the visits that the Atlas representatives make to our company. They keep us informed of new ideas and where they can help us remain competitive.”

“Atlas treats us as if we are part of their family.”