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ChristinaMahlon Careers

Christina Mahlon joined Atlas Pressed Metals in 2006, first working in the tool room and then applying her technical aptitude and skill set at Atlas Pressed Metals’ materials lab, holding responsibilities in both departments. Today, she is the Materials Engineering Technician for the materials lab.

She is responsible for the upkeep of the lab and any testing required for production needs and day-to-day operations throughout the manufacturing process. Mahlon also assists the lab’s director as needed, maintaining and updating the materials database with information, test results and purchase specifications.

Over the years, as Christina continued her full-time job at Atlas, she began attending college at Penn State DuBois. She graduated in December of 2016 from Penn State University with an Associate’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Atlas supported her pursuit of a degree by providing work hours around her course schedule. Christina felt that her job provided a distinct leg-up in the classroom.

“Working at Atlas gave me a huge advantage; I had a great deal of background knowledge that the other students didn’t have. It also gave me the opportunity to apply much of my education to real, hands-on experiences here at Atlas,” Mahlon relates. “I could take what I learned at school and apply it to Atlas, and what I learned from Atlas and apply it towards my schooling.”

Having earned her degree, Mahlon is gaining additional responsibilities, and her job is indeed integral to the day-to-day needs of the materials lab. Her plans are to continue her career at Atlas.

“I really enjoy working at Atlas. I have worked here for over a decade. I like the fact it is a family-owned and -operated company. Everyone is really nice and supportive of each other. It’s nice to work with people that care about you and the job they are doing,” Mahlon said.