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The team of skilled engineers at Atlas Pressed metals have extension industry knowledge to produce precision gears utilizing automation for special handling and state-of-the-art gear measurement equipment. The manufacturing of gears presents many challenges for conventional manufacturers. Gear geometries are inherently complex, making the machining process time-consuming and arduous; in this realm, powder metallurgy excels. Through high pressure forming and sintering precision, gears may be manufactured to net-shape, requiring little or no machining.

Powdered Metal GearsPowdered Metal GearsPowdered Metal GearsPowdered Metal GearsPowdered Metal Gears

Powdered Metal Gear Capabilities

At Atlas Pressed Metals, we specialize in this dynamic process; our team has a deep understanding of more than just the powdered metal manufacturing process. We also provide a high level of expertise in design engineering and the material science surrounding powdered metals. This means that we can formulate metals and help our customers design parts that will optimize performance, and combined with process parameters, result in a gear that delivers – meeting the application requirements with a proven cost-savings over conventional machining methods. This method is ideally suited for the manufacturing of both gears and sprockets in various sizes.

  • Weight: up to 2 lbs.
  • Diameter: up to 5"
  • Length: up to 2.25"
  • Shapes: Gears with flanged, multi-level, helical, and grooved features

Gear Manufacturing Equipment

Our production facility is equipped with a wide range of state of the art systems that utilize automation and specially designed material and product handling systems that add an even greater level of efficiency to this highly efficient process. We also provide extensive finishing capabilities for gears; these include machining, sizing, plating, and heat treating. Other finishing options include impregnation of lubricants and other materials, standard, and specialty coatings.

As a leader in powdered metal manufacturing, Atlas competently manufactures powdered metal gears that meet the AGMA Level 6 standard.

To learn more about powdered metal manufacturing and how it can drive cost out of your next gear project, please contact us.