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Iron Nickel & Nickel Steel Powdered Metal Parts

We offer  the production of Iron Nickel and Nickel Steel Powdered Metal Parts  Our Iron-nickel material is a designation given to products with 1-4% Nickel composition in the absence of carbon. In parallel, our Nickel Steel variant, enriched with carbon, extends beyond, creating tough components with a  balance of strength, wear resistance, and impact resilience. The non-diffusing nature of nickel powders during sintering cycles gives rise to small needle-like microstructures of martensite or bainite around the edges of the nickel particles, contributing to the durability of the component.

Our Iron Nickel and Nickel Steel parts find applications across diverse industries, from automotive to industrial applications. Offering an exceptional combination of strength, wear resistance, and impact properties, these materials have become  important in heat-treatable structural applications.

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What is Iron Nickel & Nickel Steel Sintered Metal?

Iron Nickel

Iron-nickel,an identified product with a 1-4% Nickel composition when devoid of carbon, combines a unique set of characteristics. At Atlas Pressed Metals, we leverage the intrinsic properties of iron-nickel to produce parts that exhibit  strength, enhanced fatigue strength and durability. The absence of carbon in this composition contributes to the formation of small needle-like microstructures of martensite or bainite around the edges of the nickel particles during sintering cycles.

Key Features:

  • Nickel Composition: 1-4%
  • Microstructure: Needle-like martensite or bainite
  • Properties: Superior strength and wear resistance 


Nickel Steel Powdered Metal

The Nickel Steel Powdered Metal parts share similarities with iron-nickel materials but stand out with the addition of carbon. This combination enhances the overall properties, creating components with a balance of strength, wear resistance, and impact resilience. The addition of carbon allows for unique microstructural developments during sintering cycles, ensuring optimal performance in various applications.

Key Features:

  • Nickel Composition: Variable with the addition of carbon
  • Microstructure: Tailored for strength and wear resistance
  • Properties: Enhanced strength, wear resistance, and increased fatigue strength


Our Iron Nickel and Nickel Steel Powdered Metal Parts find extensive use across industries such as:

  • Automotive: Precision components for engines, transmissions, and structural parts, benefitting from superior strength and wear resistance.
  • Medical Devices: Custom parts designed for durability and wear resistance in medical equipment.
  • Energy: Components for the energy sector, ensuring reliability and longevity in demanding applications.
  • Industrial Machinery: Wear-resistant parts for heavy-duty machinery, guaranteeing prolonged service life.

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