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Atlas Pressed Metals - Video Gallery

PM Conversion Project Success Story: Hand-Tool Assembly Conversion

Powder Metal Conversion Results in Significant Cost Reduction with Design Optimization. A hand-tool manufacturer was looking for a solution to improve their component’s design, performance, cost, and assembly time. The original subassembly required three individual parts, a stamped sprocket, a machined lower body, and a fastener. Utilizing the PM process, we were able to work with our customer to convert this three-part subassembly into one, multi-level, net shape component, which resulted in a significant cost savings.

PM Conversion Project Success Story: Hinge Application Conversion Process

As a result of this conversion, we were able to help our customer solve several issues: PM improved part cost by eliminating assembly and machining operations The net shape form created a smooth-running surface for the hinge in the roller assembly. The integration of additional features improved installation time for completing the finished assembly.

What is Powder Metal Conversion? Does Your Part have Powder Metal Conversion Potential?

Powder Metal Conversion has emerged as a game-changer for many businesses, offering a range of benefits such as increased part consistency, decreased production time, improved performance, and reduced costs This is a first video of our Conversion Series and it provides valuable insights into assessing your part for PM conversion potential.

If you are ready to assess your part for conversion potential or if you want to learn more about PM conversions, contact Joe Pfingstler, Technical Sales at (814) 371-4800 or [email protected].

Atlas Pressed Metals Standards of Excellence

Behind every sintered metal component is a commitment to provide our customers with the best powdered metallurgy design solutions and services from start to finish. For over 40 years, Atlas Pressed Metals' number one priority has been to provide excellent customer service. We are committed to our "Golden Rule": "Treat all personnel, customers, and suppliers with the same fairness, respect, dignity, and concern with which each of us wishes to be treated."

Contact Atlas today to partner on your next project!

Atlas Pressed Metals' Tooling Management for Part Production

Atlas Pressed Metals manufactures a wide range of sintered metal parts for companies in a diverse mix of industries. Safely storing and managing all the parts to each tooling set is critical to minimize delays in compacting machine turnover and ensure parts are manufactured on time and to exacting specifications.

Jeramie Reynolds, Atlas' tool room attendant, discusses how he and his team keep customers' tools production-ready. To further Wayne Valentine's interview about tooling design, Jeramie explains the methods used to identify every tooling part and organizing and storing them in their automated tool carousel. This refined system maximizes internal efficiencies for managing inventory. He also addresses the manufacture of today's tooling and how its material composition has improved the longevity of the face detail and punch edges - providing for longer runs.

Custom Powder Metallurgy Workshop Opportunities

Customized for each company's needs, Atlas's Powder Metallurgy educational workshops provide a relaxed atmosphere in which company teams can explore powder metallurgy, understand the opportunities to advance current powdered metal designs, or evaluate parts for potential conversion from conventional machining to powdered metal manufacturing.

6 Reasons Why Powdered Metal Manufactured Components Are Preferred Over Traditional Machining

PM components offer multiple advantages over traditional machining methods, including Surface Finish, Materials, Microstructure, Net Shape Design, Machinability, and Manufacturability.

Learn More About The PM Process - Powdered Metallurgy for High-Quality Parts with Faster Turnaround

Learn a few basic considerations for selecting powdered metallurgy as the technology for manufacturing simple, intricate and structural metal components. PM-manufactured parts save money over competing methods, without sacrificing quality or on-time delivery.

Sinter Hardening: Powdered-Metal Process for Intricate, High-Strength Parts with Minimal Finishing

Learn how sinter-hardening can cost-effectively manufacture parts without the need for external heat treating which can drive up costs and distort finely featured parts. Three part examples include an appliance cam, a precision gear and a cylindrical housing.

Download our white paper, Sinter Hardened Metal As An Economical Alternative to Machining.

Innovative, Collaborative Culture Produces High-Quality Pressed Metal Parts at Atlas Pressed Metals

Atlas Pressed Metals' employees excel in the company's innovative, collaborative culture. At every level of the organization – from the molding department and quality control to the shipping and customer service departments – the Atlas team is committed to ensuring all processes are continuously evaluated and streamlined.

Each employee's dedication to the collaborative, hard-working organization ensures the sintered metal parts that leave their facility are of the expected high quality, and precision Atlas is known for. The structural components, gears, and bearings manufactured for industries including automotive, appliance, industrial, lawn & garden, hand tools, and recreational/off-road meet each customer's specific tolerances and application requirements.

High-Quality Pressed Metal Parts from Molding to Finishing to Shipping at Atlas Pressed Metals

Watch to learn how Atlas Pressed Metals ensures the delivery of high-quality customer service, product production, and delivery. Atlas employees explain the culture of quality and how it is simply a way of life. The quality of pressed metal parts is observed from start to finish, every step of the way.

Atlas Pressed Metals manufactures high-quality precision-pressed metal parts and components for a wide range of applications and industries. The sintered metal process is used to manufacture complex and simple structural iron, steel, stainless, copper, brass, and bronze components. Raw powdered metal (or metal blend) is selected, portioned, and fed into dies. The powders are then compressed with mechanical or hydraulic pressure to meet the shape, size, and density requirements. Finally, the parts are heated (also known as sintered) in high-temperature furnaces to bond the metal and achieve the desired property specifications. Finally, if required, secondary operations are performed, such as repressing, coining, sizing, machining, plating, and more.

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“Atlas presented their PM101 class to our company and it was well-received by our engineering team. They also keep us updated through their e-blasts by featuring technology advancements and process improvement announcements. Atlas has the expertise to produce a quality product and is a solid company to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend Atlas to others in the industry.”

- Michael L., VP Global Operations | Motion Technology Company