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Pre-Alloyed Powdered Metal Steel Parts

Atlas Pressed Metals provides pre-alloyed powdered metallurgy and pre-alloyed steel. Pre-alloyed powders are created when alloying elements such as molybdenum, manganese, and chromium are added to molten iron prior to the automatization process. Graphite powder is admixed to the iron powder to complete the composition needed to create pre-alloyed steel. Pre-alloyed steel offers greater hardenability compared to copper or nickel steels and is often used in medium to high-density PM applications. Pre-alloyed steel parts are useful for parts which require high strength and wear resistance after heat treatment.

Key Advantages of Pre-Alloyed Steel: 

Pre-alloyed powders are produced by mixing and alloying the desired elements in precise proportions prior to being atomized into powder form. This results in a homogeneous distribution of alloying elements, ensuring consistent composition and properties in the final component. This controlled alloying process creates a uniform microstructure, providing predictable results in production.

Pre-alloyed steel is engineered to deliver exceptional strength, making it a cornerstone material for demanding applications. Its uniform composition results in consistent mechanical properties such as tensile strength, ductility and fatigue resistance. The inherent properties of pre-alloyed steel lead to improved wear resistance, making it an excellent choice for components subjected to friction, abrasion, and challenging operational environments.


Pre-alloyed PM powders may initially appear to be more expensive than elemental materials. However, in terms of overall manufacturing costs, pre-alloyed powders may lead to cost savings due to reduced processing time, lower risk of contamination, lower scrap rates and improved component properties. Pre-alloyed materials align with positive environmental practices through reduced energy used and less waste.

PM component manufacturers access a wide selection of pre-alloyed powders with different and specific compositions, allowing for a selection of a very precise material that is appropriate for the application. From automotive and industrial machinery to consumer appliances, pre-alloyed steel finds its niche across diverse industries. Its adaptability and dependable performance make it a preferred choice for various applications.

 Applications in a variety of Industries:

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