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Powder Metal Gears

As a leading powdered component manufacturer, Atlas Pressed Metals provides a wide variety of powdered and sintered metal gears for several applications in multiple industries. The manufacturing of sintered metal gears can present many challenges for conventional manufacturers. Gear geometries are inherently complex, often requiring time-consuming secondary machining processes – adding cost to the bottom lime. It is in this realm where powder metallurgy excels.

Through the use of precision tooling, high tonnage compaction pressure, and sintering, gears may be manufactured with the powdered metal (PM) method, to near-net-shape or even net-shape, requiring little or no machining, and at cycle times considerably faster than machining.

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Benefits of Using PM in Gear Manufacturing

Utilizing PM for gear manufacturing provides many benefits including tight tolerances, quiet running PM gears, and the capacity for higher volumes.  A key benefit of using powdered metal for gear manufacturing is the cost-effectiveness. The ability to produce multilevel gears combined with internal configurations and tight tolerance components eliminate or reduce the need for additional operations. All together results in time and money saved for your application.

With little to no waste, powdered metal is a green process due to its low energy usage and minimal scrap, making it more economical than standard machining or casting. Material selection for powdered metal gears allows for optimization of the component’s performance for its intended application with little variation in the manufacturing process.

At Atlas Pressed Metals, we specialize in this dynamic process; our team has a deep understanding of more than just powdered metal component manufacturing. Our team also provides a high level of expertise in engineering and the material science surrounding PM. This means that we can recommend metal powders that help our customers in designing parts that will optimize performance. When a properly selected material is combined with appropriate process parameters, the result is a gear that meets the application requirements with a proven cost-savings over conventional machining methods. This method is ideally suited for the manufacture of gears in high volume applications because geometries formed by the die, such as gear teeth, show little to no variation.

Choosing the proper materials for gear manufacturing with powder metallurgy is vital depending on the application, runtime, volume and more. Common powdered metal materials for gear manufacturing, include:

  • Iron-nickel steel
  • Prealloyed steel
  • Customized blends

Understanding Powder Metallurgy

  • Step One: Creating the Right Blend for Durability, Reliability, and Accuracy
  • Step Two: Compacting the Mixture to Precise Specifications Under Controlled Pressure
  • Step Three: Heating or "Sintering" to Create a Permanent Form

Read more about the process in detail here.

PM Gear Manufacturing

Atlas Pressed Metals, a leading powdered metal gears manufacturer, is equipped with a wide range of state-of-the-art automation and material handling systems, adding a greater level of efficiency to an already highly efficient process. We also provide extensive finishing capabilities for gears; these include machining, sizing, plating, and heat treating. Other finishing options include impregnation of lubricants, resins, and sealers, as well as standard and specialty coatings.

Equipment used for the manufacturing of powdered metal gears includes compaction press, sintering furnace, and secondary machine operations if needed.

Atlas Pressed Metals’ capabilities include, but limited to:

  • Weight: Up to 6800 grams (15 lbs)
  • Diameter: 3mm (0.125”) to 250mm (10”)
  • Length: 3mm (0.125”) to 76mm (3”)
  • Geometries: Gears with flanged, multi-level, helical, and bevel features

Gear geometry is controlled through AGMA Composite Action Method of Evaluation as defined in AGMA 2000-A88

To learn more about powdered metal manufacturing, gear requirements and how PM can drive cost out of your next gear project, please contact us.

PM Gear Applications

Various industries use powdered metal manufacturing for their gears. Some of these industries include appliance, automotive, medical, outdoor power equipment, power tools, lawn and garden, and marine applications. 

Some gear types suitable for PM include, but are not limited to:

  • Spur
  • Helical
  • Bevel
  • Pinion
  • Combinations
  • Spiral Bevel
  • Rack
gears suitable for pm

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