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Sintered Iron & Carbon Steel Metal Parts

As a leading sintered metals parts manufacturer, Atlas Pressed Metals offers iron powder as an option for component production. Iron powder is the most commonly used material for structural parts manufacturing. Iron powder can be used alone or with small additions of carbon,copper,nickel, or molybdenum to improve  the mechanical properties of the component. Our offerings encompass a diverse range of materials, each with its own unique set of advantages and applications:

PM Iron (F-0000): These materials are typically used for lightly loaded structural applications, and they are suitable for structural parts requiring self-lubrication when strength is not critical. At high densities, unalloyed iron is used for soft-magnetic applications, offering outstanding performance.

PM Carbon Steel (F-0005, F-0008): When your project demands a blend of moderate strength, hardness, and machinability (including drilling, tapping, lathe turning, milling, and more), our PM carbon steel materials, designated as F-0005 and F-0008, can provide the solution.

 Our F-0008 PM steels are usually used when loading is moderate.  F-0008 and F-0005 materials may be heat treated to enhance strength and wear resistance. They may also be steam-treated or plated for improved shelf life, pore closure and to increase hardness. These materials can be further customized to meet your exact specifications:

*Material information provided by the MPIF (Metal Powder Industries Federation), Standard 35, 2020 edition.

*For more information about material standard or testing methods, please visit

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What is sintered Iron and Carbon Steel Powder Metallurgy?

Sintered iron and carbon steel powder metallurgy is a precise but flexible manufacturing process that involves shaping metal components from finely powdered materials. These materials are carefully blended, pressed into a desired shape, and then heated (sintered) to create solid and durable components. At Atlas Pressed Metals, we can provide sintered iron or carbon steel materials, each with its own advantages.


Key Features and Benefits

Our sintered iron and carbon steel powder metallurgy materials offer several key advantages:

Powdered Metal parts made from  iron and carbon steel materials, are designed to achieve high strength and durability.  The Carbon Steel materials (F-0005 and F-0008) may be heat treated to increase strength and wear resistance. They may also be steam treated to close off the pores, to increase corrosion resistance and to increase hardness.

Our F-0000 and F-0005 materials are highly machinable, allowing for intricate and precise component manufacturing through processes like drilling, tapping, lathe turning, and milling. 

The F-0008 is more difficult to machine than the other carbon steel alloys due to the higher carbon content.

When self-lubricating properties are  required all iron and carbon steel materials with densities of 7.0 g/cm3   or less may be oil impregnated for the application.



Our sintered iron and carbon steel materials can be used in a wide array of applications, including but not limited to:

Industrial Machinery:

High strength and precise application such as crankshafts and camshafts used in industrial manufacturing.

Hand Tools:

A variety of hand tools may use sintered metals parts for strength and durability. Examples include wrenches, hammers and screwdrivers.

Electric Motors

Soft magnetic materials are used in the cores of electric motors to facilitate the switching of electrical current to mechanical energy.

Automotive Components

With their strength and wear resistance, our materials are well-suited for applications such as compression limiters, bearings, spacers and tone rings. 


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Navigate our collection of power metal materials to access comprehensive details about each one. Discover their mechanical properties, applications, and the unique advantages they offer for your specific projects.

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