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Powder Metallurgy Soft-Magnetic Alloys 

Our Soft Magnetic Alloys Powder Metallurgy are designed to excel in DC magnetic fields, providing unparalleled magnetic response characteristics. These alloys are meticulously engineered to meet the demands of diverse applications where magnetic performance is paramount.

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What are Copper and Copper Alloys?

Soft-Magnetic Alloys represent a specialized class of materials engineered to exhibit excellent magnetic properties, particularly in response to direct current (DC) magnetic fields. These alloys are designed to maintain high permeability and low coercivity, making them ideal for applications where efficient magnetic response and minimal energy loss are crucial.

Key Advantages of Soft-Magnetic Alloys: Unleashing Magnetic Excellence

Magnetic Responsiveness: Our Soft-Magnetic Alloys are tailored to exhibit exceptional magnetic response characteristics in DC magnetic fields, making them indispensable in a variety of electronic and electrical applications.

Post-Sinter Annealing: Unlike some conventional materials, our Soft-Magnetic Alloys typically do not require post-sinter annealing, streamlining your manufacturing process and reducing production time.

Secondary Operations Consideration: It's important to note that while post-sinter annealing is not necessary, certain secondary operations like repressing or steam treatment should be approached with caution, as they may impact magnetic properties.


Our Copper and Copper Alloy powder metal materials find extensive use across diverse industries due to their unique properties and versatility.


  • Electronics and Electrical Devices: Our Soft-Magnetic Alloys find extensive use in the production of transformers, inductors, and other electronic components where precise magnetic characteristics are essential.
  • Automotive Industry: Power steering systems, sensors, and electric motor components benefit from the superior magnetic properties of our alloys.
  • Energy and Power Generation: Soft-Magnetic Alloys play a crucial role in generators, magnetic shielding, and various power generation applications.


Structural Applications:

For those seeking not just magnetic performance but also structural integrity, our pure iron and iron-phosphorus alloys stand out. These materials provide:

  • High Ductility: Ideal for structural applications requiring flexibility and resilience.
  • Impact Energy Resistance: Withstand impact forces, ensuring durability in demanding environments.

However, it's important to note that these alloys lack carbon, preventing the use of traditional quench and temper heat treatments. Instead, surface wear characteristics can be enhanced through plating or steam treatment.

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