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Hybrid Low-Alloy Steel Metal Parts

Powdered Metal Hybrid Low-Alloy powders have been precisely developed to excel in medium to high-density Powder Metallurgy (PM) applications. These advanced materials provide greater hardening than is possible with admixed copper or nickel steels.Hybrid Low-Alloy powders offer additional material refinement  to your projects, offering enhanced hardenability and the versatility of heat treatment.

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What are Hybrid Low-Alloy Steel Powders?

Hybrid Low-Alloy Steel powders represent an advancement in metallurgical engineering. It is a specialized blend of low-alloy powders using nickel, molybdenum and manganese  as the major alloying elements to which varying amounts of elemental powder(s) have been admixed. Graphite powder is then admixed with the steel powder to provide carbon in the final material These high performance materials are used in applications when heat treatment is required for high strength and wear resistance.

*Material information provided by the MPIF (Metal Powder Industries Federation), Standard 35, 2020 edition

For more information about material standard or testing methods, please visit

Key Advantages of Hybrid Low-Alloy Steel

Improved Mechanical Properties and Customization: Hybrid low-ally steel powders combine the characteristics of different alloying elements. By combining the benefits of the alloying elements, mechanical properties of strength, hardness and wear resistance can be improved. Hybrid low-alloy steel powders can be further fine tuned for specific or unique part requirements.

Cost Efficiency and Process Improvements: Through the combination of different alloying elements, material properties can be achieved with potentially lower cost elements depending on the material used  and the specifics of the application.. Additionally, hybrid low-alloy material can provide better flow and improved compaction resulting in process cost improvements.

Tailored for Medium to High Density PM Applications: The versatility of hybrid low-alloy steel makes it a prime candidate for a wide range of powder metallurgy applications, especially those requiring medium to high density. From automotive components to industrial machinery, these materials excel in diverse settings.

Better Heat Treatment Response: One of the distinctive features of hybrid low-alloy steel is its suitability for heat treatment. This allows for further optimizing the material's mechanical properties, such as an increase in hardness or ductility depending the type of heat treatment applied.


The versatility of Atlas Pressed Metals' Hybrid Low-Alloy Steel makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  •   Automotive Components: Achieve superior performance and longevity in engine parts such as connecting rods, cam and crankshafts.  A variety of transmission such as gear are often manufactured using hybrid low-alloy steel powders.
  •   Industrial Parts: Enhance the durability and reliability of machinery components in various industrial settings. Components made from hybrid low-alloy steel powders are found in cutting tools, renewable energy systems and heavy machinery
  •     Consumer Goods : Provide improved strength and durability for sporting goods such as high performance golf club heads or bicycle components. 

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