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Sinter-Hardened Powder Metal Steels

Sinter hardened steel is an advanced  material made  through a unique process that combines powder metallurgy (PM) and heat treatment. The sinter-hardened chemistry allows the material to harden during the cooling cycle of the sintering process. This innovative approach results in a material that exhibits improved dimensional control, cleanliness and a reduction in the number of processing steps. Sinter-hardened PM steels exhibit exceptional strength, durability, and wear resistance, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. 

Key Advantages of Sintered & Hardened Steel: 

The engineered microstructure leads to improved dimensional control. The final component may have tighter tolerances and can eliminate the need for secondary machining operations. Sinter- hardened powders are often used where the final component has strict design parameters.

Sinter- hardened steel materials are renowned for their exceptional strength. This enables components to withstand heavy loads and extreme conditions without compromising on performance, ensuring reliability in critical applications. This is beneficial in applications where high mechanical properties are required.

Sinter- hardened steel materials offer remarkable resistance to wear and  abrasion. This makes them an excellent choice for components exposed to harsh environments and constant friction. These materials commonly show martensitic microstructures with regions of fine pearlite, bainite, and austenite.

The enhanced properties of sinter-hardened powders allow for greater design flexibility, enabling engineers to create complex, high-performance components for various applications. Sinter-hardened powders often achieve higher densities resulting in parts with improved mechanical properties and reduced porosity.

The overall cost of producing a component using sinter-hardened materials may provide savings in lower energy consumption, and less processing steps. These factors positively impact carbon emissions, aligning with environmentally conscious practices.


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