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Copper And Copper Alloys Metal Parts

Our extensive range of powder metal (PM) products includes PM copper, brass, and bronze, each tailored to meet specific industry requirements.


Brass and Bronze: Versatile Solutions

Our selection of brass and bronze powder metal materials offers a versatile array of characteristics suitable for various applications. From structural components to decorative elements, these alloys are known for:

  • Corrosion Resistance: Atlas Pressed Metals' brass, nickel-silver, and bronze alloys components are manufactured to withstand corrosion, ensuring longevity and reliability in diverse environments.
  • Good Machinability: Achieve precision and efficiency in manufacturing processes with parts that have good machinability. Our alloyed products are designed for ease of machining, facilitating streamlined production.
  • Attractive Appearance: Beyond functionality, our materials are chosen for their aesthetic appeal. The brass, nickel-silver, and bronze alloys provide an attractive finish in the component, making them ideal for applications where visual appeal matters.
  • Ductility: Benefit from materials that combine strength with ductility. Our copper and copper alloy parts offer the flexibility required for shaping and forming, allowing for intricate designs and complex structures.


Bronze: The Choice for Self-Lubricating Bearings

Our bronze powder metal materials, are a blend of elemental copper and tin powders, are specifically engineered for self-lubricating bearings. Bronze bearings excel in applications where reduced friction and enhanced wear resistance are critical. 

*Material information provided by the MPIF (Metal Powder Industries Federation), Standard 35, 2020 edition

For more information about material standard or testing methods, please visit

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What are Copper and Copper Alloys?

Copper, a versatile metal with exceptional thermal and electrical conductivity, serves as the foundation for a diverse range of alloys. Copper alloys, which include brass, nickel-silver, and bronze, are developed by combining copper with other elements to enhance specific properties, resulting in materials that are specific for various components and applications.


Our Copper and Copper Alloy powder metal materials find extensive use across diverse industries due to their unique properties and versatility.

  • Electronics Industry:.
    • Brass: Utilized in connectors and terminals for their conductivity and corrosion resistance.
  • Automotive Sector:
    • Bronze Bearings: Ideal for self-lubricating bearings in engines and transmissions, providing wear resistance and reducing friction.
  • Manufacturing and Machinery:
    • Brass and Bronzes: Valued for their machinability, corrosion resistance, and strength in manufacturing various components.
  • Hardware
    • Brasses and  Bronze: Utilized in structural components and in hardware for strength, corrosion resistance and appearance. where conductivity and corrosion resistance are vital.

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