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Iron-Copper & Copper Steel Metal Parts

At Atlas Pressed Metals, we offer  iron-copper and copper-steel materials  engineered to excel in medium strength structural applications. Our materials typically feature a copper content of 2%, providing an optimal balance of strength and performance. 

When secondary machining is required, our materials can be specified with combined carbon contents of less than 0.5%, ensuring precision to meet your project's unique demands. 

Furthermore, the material in this category also can be heat-treated to increase strength and wear resistance.

For applications requiring additional  wear resistance or when heat treatment may not be practical,  materials with higher copper content can help. Lower density parts can be oil impregnated for self lubrication in use.

Learn more about the exceptional features and benefits of our iron-copper & copper steel materials below.

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What is Iron-Copper & Copper Steel Sintered Metal?

Iron-Copper Sintered Metal:

Iron-Copper sintered metal is a composite material created by combining iron and copper powders through the sintering process. The result is a material with excellent mechanical properties, combining the strength and durability of iron with the conductivity of copper. It is widely used in various applications where these attributes are essential,  bearings, bushings, and more.


Copper Steel Sintered Metal:

Copper-Steel sintered metal is a composite material that blends the benefits of both copper and steel. The sintering process bonds copper and steel powders at high temperatures, creating a material with exceptional wear resistance, high thermal conductivity, and improved strength. This makes it an ideal choice for components subjected to demanding conditions, such as gears, bushings, and structural elements in various industries.

*Material information provided by the MPIF (Metal Powder Industries Federation), Standard 35, 2020 edition

For more information about material standard or testing methods, please visit

Key Features and Benefits

Iron-copper and copper steel metals are known for their superior strength, hardness and wear resistance.  The inclusion of copper in these materials provides an added layer of strength, making them ideal for medium strength structural applications. They can withstand heavy loads and offer exceptional resistance to wear and tear, ensuring the longevity of your components.

These materials are able  to be machined, especially when they have low carbon contents. Precision machining is made easier, allowing for the creation of intricate and accurate components. This advantage is important  in applications where exact dimensions and shapes are critical.

Iron-copper and copper steel materials can be heat-treated to enhance their mechanical properties. This versatility allows you to tailor the material's hardness, strength, and wear resistance to suit the specific requirements of your application. 

Low-density parts made from these materials can be oil-impregnated, providing a built-in self-lubrication mechanism. This reduces friction, minimizes the need for external lubrication, and extends the lifespan of components, making them highly efficient and cost-effective.


Our iron-copper & copper steel materials find applications in various industries, including but not limited to:

  • Automotive: THese materials may be used for engine components, gears, transmission parts, and chassis components.
  • Industrial Valves:Components made from these materials are suited for this application due to the application requirements of  wear, and strength due to harsh operating conditions.


Ready to elevate your project? 

Elevate your projects with iron-copper and copper steel materials from Atlas Pressed Metals. Contact us today to learn more about how our materials can transform your applications, enhance your performance, and ensure your success.

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