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Question: Is there a method to test a component as a precaution, prior to welding, in order to see if there are any contaminants within the pores of the part?

Answer: Yes

Since powdered metal components are porous, the absorption of contaminants into PM parts poses a difficulty as well as a flame hazard for welding. Preventing contaminants from being absorbed into the part is critical in weld applications.

Simple Test to Identify the Presence of Porosity Contaminants in PM Parts

  • Atlas uses a hot plate test that is also commonly used by our platers, which will show if there are contaminants in the part. This test consists of heating the hot plate to between 150°-350°F and placing the part on the hot plate. A "smoking" part is a tell-tale sign. The temperature at which the contaminant vaporizes varies based on the substance. Further, if a beaker is placed over the part during the hot plate test, the vapor will condensate on the inside of the beaker, allowing for further testing of the substance.