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Powder Metallurgy Workshops (PM 101)

Understanding Sintered Metals - Customized for Your Company

Atlas's Powder Metallurgy educational workshops are customized for each company's needs. Your team can explore powder metallurgy, understand the opportunities to advance current powdered metal designs, or evaluate parts for potential conversion from conventional machining to powdered metal manufacturing.


For more information on a complimentary workshop custom designed for your company, contact Joe Pfingstler at (814) 299-7202

PM101 Workshop Flyer

In Taking This Educational Workshop, You’ll Learn:

Process Benefits include:

  • Net or Near Net Shape product capability
  • Ability to manufacture complex and unique shapes
  • Controlled porosity for self-lubrication or filtration
  • Eliminate or minimize machining
  • High Volume Consistency
  • High quality results
  • Cost effective
  • Less waste
  • Green Technology
  • Powder Types - Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze
  • Powder Manufacturing
  • MPIF Standards
  • Material References
  • Design Selection
  • Molding
  • Methods to Form Sintered Metal
  • Tools and how they are used
  • Step by Step instruction
  • Sintering
  • Furnace Types
  • Particle bonding during process
  • Sintering Process
  • Sizing
  • Resin Impregnation
  • Lubrication Impregnation
  • Machining
  • Grinding & Honing
  • Heat Treatment
  • Platings & Coatings
  • Steam Treatment
  • Vibratory Deburr
  • Industry “Rules of Thumb”
  • Advantages of Sintered Metal
  • Opportunities for Conversions
  • And more...

Design Your Powdered Metal Customized Workshop in 3 Simple Steps!

1. Customize Your PM Workshop

Part 1: Understanding Sintered Metals

Understand how Atlas utilizes their knowledge, experience, and new innovations to maximize the design capabilities of powder metallurgy (PM), compared to other metal forming technologies.

Through hands-on activities and targeted topic discussions including materials standards, molding and sintering, and secondary operations, you will realize the full potential of PM and gain fresh perspectives

Complex Structural Component

Part 2. Assessing a Part's Conversion Potential

Learn how Atlas' PM advancements have created opportunities for component conversions like the nut drive assembly (shown at right). Harnessing the design capabilities of powder metallurgy, Atlas was able to convert this three-component assembly into a single PM component. As a result of this redesign, our customer was able to save time and money.

This workshop segment will help you to learn how to assess a component's potential for PM and to understand the benefits of converting parts to PM.

Before & After Nut Drive Assembly

Part 3: Extend Your Learning

Collaborate with your company team, to customize the final segment of your Powder Metal workshop to meet your design needs.

Add-On topics include:

  • Stamping vs Powder Metal
  • Machining vs Powder Metal
  • Casting vs Powder Metal
  • Other Processes vs Powder Metal

2. Select Your PM Workshop Format

On-Site at Atlas

Bring your team to our campus for the full Atlas Experience including:

  • Interactive PM Course
  • Lunch & Learn Panel Discussion
  • Tour and Explore Our Plant Floor

On-Site at Your Company

Atlas will compe to your campus to engage your team in:

  • Interactive PM Course
  • Panel Discussion
  • Showcase Your Industry Floor

Live Virtual Session

Gather with members of your team to participate in a virtual session with Atlas including:

  • Interactive PM Course
  • Panel Discussion
  • Virtual Tour of Plant Floor

3. Request Your Workshop

You can request a workshop in 3 different ways:

  1. Contact Joe Pfingstler at (814) 299-7202

  2. Request online at:

  3. Scan the QR Code at right with your smartphone camera app and complete our registration form.


"We have been a long-term customer of Atlas Pressed Metals. They are a highly skilled supplier for our PM needs. They have great service and technical expertise as well as good quality and delivery. Atlas has met all of our expectations and we consider them to be the premier PM supplier in technology and knowledge. Atlas offers a PM101 seminar which was very helpful to our design engineering team and when we visit Atlas, they treat us like family."

~ 2022 Atlas Customer Survey Testimonial


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