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Secondary Operations

Secondary Operations for powder metallurgy parts at Atlas are value-added processes available both in-house and through our relationships with well-established and certified partners.


Secondary OperationTypical PartsObjectives
Coining ObjectiveAll Densification, dimensional control.
SizingAll Dimensional control. 


Secondary OperationTypical PartsObjectives
Resin StructuralImprove machinability. Prepare surface for plating with other metals. Seal parts gas or liquid tight.

Heat Treating

Secondary OperationTypical PartsObjectives
Quench and TemperFerrous StructuralImprove strength and hardness.
Steam TreatFerrousMake surface hard and wear resistant. Improve corrosion resistance and seal porosity.  Provides a black/blue surface appearance for coloration needs.


Secondary OperationTypical PartsObjectives
Drill and Tap AllTo install set or assembly screws.  
Turning AllMachine to exact tolerances. Form undercuts not possible with punch and die tooling.
Milling AllForm undercuts or slots.
Grinding AllRemove stock, make faces parallel, and improve surface finish and tolerances. 
HoningAllImproved dimensional control.


Secondary OperationTypical PartsObjectives
Deburring AllSmooths edges related to parting lines.
Burnishing Ferrous StructuralBall size, roller burnish for size control and surface finish.
Coating Oil Dip FerrousCorrosion resistance.
Copper, Nickel Zinc Plating FerrousCorrosion resistance, appearance.
Welding Ferrous, 6.8 g/cm min. densityMakes assemblies from two or more parts. 
Black Oxide Ferrous, resin impregnated Corrosion resistance, paint base.
Mechanical Surface Treatments: Glass Beading Wire Brush, SandingAllClean, improve surface.
CoatingFerrousHigh corrosion resistance.
Tumbling/ Vibratory Finishing, Grit BlastingAllImprove surface fatigue life.
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