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Portfolio 1

Project Title: Precision Gears Drive Automotive Applications

Project description: 

Gearing is a classic application for the powder metal process with an added benefit of offering the ability to create complex gear forms that cannot cost effectively be achieved with machining.

Atlas was able to produce a compound gear for use in an automotive electric motor. Produced to AGMA level 7 quality standards, the gear combines 101- and 14- tooth gearing in a single net-shape component.


Project Name & Description

Powder Metal Precision Gear

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Multi-level compaction tooling, sinter hardened powder

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Compaction Press, Sintering furnace, automated handling

Overall Part Dimensions


Tightest Tolerances

Run out specification is 0.00267 inch, overall length held to +/- 0.00196 inch, total composite error held well within the upper and lower limits of AGMA level 7 standards

Material Used

Sinter Hardened powder

Material Finish


Industry for Use


In Process Testing/Inspection Performed

SPC throughout the manufacturing process


In excess of 300,000 units per year

Delivery/Turnaround Time

Two-year development time,  delivery at 100% of customer demand

Delivery Location

USA, China, Mexico

Standards Met

AGMA level  7, IATF

Project Questionnaire

Why did you pick this piece?

Example Answers:

  • Highlights our design and engineering capabilities
  • Highlights high volume capability
  • Demonstrates ability to combine multiple pieces into a single product.
  • Focus on the benefits of sinter hardened material for heat treatment vs conventional oil quench heat treatment
  • Demonstrates the “no human hands “ approach with automation

Why did the customer choose you to do this job?

 Example Answers:

  • Provide full service (design, manufacturing and installation)
  • Local vendor
  • Previous experience in metal fabrication of custom outdoor shelters
  • Engineering and manufacturing capabilities to produce this complex gear
  • Responsiveness to customer-driven changes and demand fluctuations
  • IATF Certification
  • Superior quality, customer service, and On-time delivery

Were there any difficulties you had to overcome to complete the job?

Example Answers:

  • Needed to meet government safety codes
  • All materials of construction were specified for food industry compliance and ready for marine duty.


What positive feedback did you receive from the client upon completion?

Example Answers:

  • The customer was pleased with every aspect of our work and has come back to us for additional project partnerships
  • We are the customer’s best supplier, we go above and beyond.
  • Awarded the next generation of the gear

What would you like to point out about this piece/process? (Special features, processes, materials)


Example Answers:

  • Part is an unconventional size for an aluminum enclosureComplete machining capabilities are featured in these products including: Precision CNC Turning, Sinker EDM, Laser drilling, and TIG welding for final assembly
  • Compound gear, tight tolerances, high volume

Describe the title/role of the employees involved in the project?

Example Answers:

  • Certified welder
  • Design engineer
  • Sales engineer, new product development engineer, manufacturing team, quality manager, employees on the floor who make the product

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We have found Atlas Pressed Metals to be a solid organization that has a genuine commitment to the success of their customers. They have provided us with a great quality product and excellent service.

- A Satisfied Customer, Supply Chain Manager | Hardware Industry